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I guess this week is just the the week for filler episodes because like my other favorite show Haven, this episode was nice but didn't really do much to move the show forward.

I liked how torn Sarah was about letting her family know that she was alive because she was forced to do some pretty unforgivable things over the years to survive. But when pushed, she decided that it ultimately didn't matter what her family would think of her choices if it was going to cost her father his life. I liked how emotional the father/daughter reunion and separation was handled.

The writers have done a fantastic job of humanizing Quentin Lance this season, culminating with tonight's episode. I originally hated his character but he's slowly begun to grow on me until over the last three episodes. And the actor absolutely nailed the scenes with his deceased daughter. He made you want to cry with him when he found out that not only would she have to leave to protect them, but that he would also have to keep the fact that Sarah was alive from her mother and sister as well.

It sucks that I was right about Sarah not sticking around for long as Black Canary but I was hoping that her reappearance would have lasted at least another episode or two.

Things I loved about this episode:

1. Diggle calling Oliver out on the hypocrisy of questioning why Sarah kept her secrets when he has an emotional landmine of 5 years that he refuses to tell anyone about.

I get that Oliver doesn't talk about it because it's painful for him, but it's still a subject that he's made it very clear is out of bounds.

2. Nameless Assassin: Guns are a cowards weapon. What are you without your sidearm?


Lance: A guy with a spare.

Best comeback ever.

Quentin may not be able to kick ass like Oliver and Sarah but he's no damsel either.

3. Oliver and Sarah.

While I'm firmly on the Felicity and Oliver train as an end game relationship and have no desire to see Oliver and Sarah rekindle their relationship, it was nice seeing them together. Both of them are jaded and damaged individuals and yet when they're alone, they show a depth of fragility and caring that's not normally seen by anyone else. I also love how their scenes together showed that there was a greater emotional connection between them than the playboy hooking up with the sister.

4. Diggle is always right.

Loved Diggle's acceptance of being right without knowing what he was right about. And it was great to see that Oliver was able to come to this conclusion without Felicity putting a proverbial boot to his ass. The last scene between them was very touching because Oliver finally realized that he needs to tell someone his story and Diggle is the perfect person for it. He won't judge and he won't look at Oliver differently either because he's seen bad things as a soldier.

Things I disliked about this episode:

1. While I loved that Oliver was in a healthy enough mental state where he realized that sleeping up with Laurel wouldn't do either one of them any favors, I hated Laurel's reaction to his rejection. Laurel get over yourself honey. Saying no to sex doesn't mean he's saying no to you.

2. Oliver's wavering convictions.

In episode one, Oliver made it very clear that anyone he killed as the Arrow would dishonor Tommy's memory and yet he doesn't seem to have a problem 'forgetting' about his vow to find another way when it suits him. I understand his reasons for both but it didn't look like he even considered taking another option when the first bad guy showed up.

3. Caity Lotz's performance.

The actress was awesome last week, but this week it looked like she was talking with marbles in her mouth in every scene. It was a little distracting and took away from her performance.
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