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Arrow really doesn't know how to pull its punches and tonight's episode was a sucker punch to the stomach.

Three things that I didn't see coming were:

1. Sarah being Black Canary so kudos to the people that called that one.

I didn't think it was a direction the writers would take but there is a kind of symmetry to them doing so. In having Sarah come back as the Black Canary, it gives Oliver someone he can actually save (yes I'm talking about you Huntress) while also giving him someone he can use as a sounding board for what's obviously a painful issue for him (the island) and vice versa.

Felicity and Diggle have done an amazing job of getting Oliver out of his head-space and set him firmly on the path to regain his humanity a little piece at a time, but Oliver made it clear towards the beginning of the episode that he's nowhere near ready to discuss those taboo 5 years with them. With Sarah there, he has someone he can address that pain with. Someone who will instinctively understand what he's gone through without putting it in words. Someone who won't judge the actions he's had to take to survive because her life has followed a similar track. While I'd love to see Sarah continue to carry on the mantle of Black Canary, I have a feeling that eventually the writer's will take steps to have Laurel pick it up.

3. Sebastian Blood being a bad guy.

I'm not a big Green Arrow fan. This show has made me appreciate the character in a way that the cartoons and comics never could tempt me to, so I have no idea how Sebastian Blood fits in to the Arrow universe. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a character whose last name is Blood, turned out to be a bad guy but I never claimed that I was the sharpest tool in the shed. I guess I'll have to do some research to see if he is a Scarecrow ripoff or something else entirely. I was kinda hoping that when the mask came off, it would be Slade, but that was too much to hope for at this point in the season.

4. Laurel turning into a lush.

I thought that with Laurel finally accepting the part she played in Tommy's death, she'd move on with the support of her father but I guess that old saying about the apple doesn't fall far from the tree really applies here. She's on a downward spiral and hopefully the 'resurrection' of her sister will help. But I have a feeling that her sister's return will only exacerbate her situation. It might be a while before Laurel finds even footing.

Things I loved about this episode:

1. Felicity and Diggle calling Oliver out on his untruth.

Although I think that they pushed him a little hard even after seeing how distressed he was about it, I still think that it helped establish that 1) they care about him and 2) he needs to fix this.

2. Oliver's last conversation with Sarah.

Because Oliver is mostly expressionless, it makes it especially heartbreaking when he lets his guard down and looks as vulnerable as he did during his conversation with Sarah. It helps remind us that he once was an extremely caring and open individual who had horrible things happen to him. And it shows how hard it's been for him to let people in and trust them not to screw him over. Of course he seems to put his trust in the wrong people (Huntress, Blood) but for every horrible character misjudgment he makes, he also occasionally lucks out (Felicity, Diggle).

Things I disliked about this episode:

1. Self righteous Laurel.

It seems like no matter how far Laurel falls, she still has the ability to be extremely judgmental, stubborn, and unwilling to listen to anyone, which makes it hard to feel any sympathy for her situation. Since these are the qualities that started her on her downward spiral, I'll be only to happy to see them go.



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