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This was another lovely episode of Almost Human.

I have to say that the banter between Dorian and John is one of the biggest draws to this show and I hope that it continues along this vein for however long this show lasts.

I also love how the writers continue to explore the topic of humanity, or rather what it means to be human, in each episode. When Dorian mentioned feeling fear when the gun was aimed at his head and how his death wouldn't be the same as a human's, there are a lot of different routes the writers could have taken to address this comment. And they went with the simplistic and unarguable response of Dead is dead, said by his partner. It's also interesting that this is the second time the theme of death has been brought up in the show. I wonder if there is a reason for that or if it's just a coincidence.

I hope that Almost Human maintains the momentum it's gathered so far to earn a second season, but time will tell.
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