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I've had a love/hate relationship with The Mentalist since the beginning of season 4 when it was revealed that Jane didn't actually shoot Red John.

I tuned out shortly after that but when I heard that they were finally going to end the Red John arc after dragging it out for another season and a half, I tuned back in.

Gotta say that I love that it's over and that Jane got his closure. It would have been an interesting twist to see Jane letting Red John win because of Lisbon's influence, but I digress.

And did I mention that I'm happy that it's over?

I'm kinda disappointed that Bertram wasn't Red John but I like that my original pick was. Was I the only one who didn't buy his country boy charm?

But seriously, a twenty minute chase through everywhere just for Jane to kill him?

And why was a confirmed sociopath so afraid of death?



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