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I almost didn't watch the premier of this series because 1) J.J. Abrams and 2) the plot was a little too reminiscent of I, Robot but the previews were too good and too funny for me to pass up.

Plus, Karl Urban.

Before I talk about the show, I should probably explain that I have nothing against J.J. Abrams. I think that he's an amazing director/producer, but that's usually when that person's talents get overplayed.

Joss Whedon is another big name director/producer that I love and whose reputation (and the lure of more Phil Coulson) prompted me to follow the newest series he created Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which I'm seriously beginning to regret. Right now the only thing keeping my interest is the possible revelation about how Coulson survived.

So when I heard about J.J. Abrams newest project, I was understandably leery. But so far the first two episodes have been extremely entertaining, humorous, captivating, and mentally engaging.

It makes you question some of the actions to humans take and draws interesting parallels to the Terminator Universe. I'm sure those are unintentional but it does make you understand why the machines would hunt down and kill the humans when synthetics are 'put down' when they're no longer needed.

If the beginning of the season is any indication, Dorian and John Kennex are going to have an interesting partnership filled with fratboy-like competition.

Things I loved about these two episodes:

1. John's MX 'falling' out of a moving vehicle.

Talk about stretching the truth.

2. John stabbing himself in the leg.

The irony of Dorian knowing that a child wouldn't react well to seeing an adult stab himself in the leg was too hilarious for words.

John marginally redeemed himself with his interaction with Victor, but he still has a long way to go.

3. Dorian's sarcasm.

I have to wonder if Dorian was turned off because he was no longer needed, or because his sarcasm was too much for the humans to handle.

4. On-line dating profile exchange.

Dorian: Sebastian Jones was a high end sex-trade bot maker.
John: Yeah too bad he's dead. He could have made you a girlfriend.
Dorian: I'm not the one with the on-line dating profile.
John: I don't have an on-line dating profile.
Dorian: You do now. Capricorn who loves danger.
John: Okay. While you're at it, why don't you put down recently lost partner in tragic freeway accident.

So far, loving the banter between these two.

Dorian: I ran a bioscan and it looked like your testicles were at full capacity.
John: You're scanning my balls?
Dorian: I didn't enjoy it, I just can't...
John: Oh this is unbelievable.
Dorian: ...help but notice you're backed up.
John: What is the matter with you?

World's most creative way to say that someone needs to get laid.

Looking forward to the next episode.



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