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After seeing the promo for the last two episodes, this is what I think might happen at end of the season:

1. Duke will get his trouble back in spades.

Since it looks like Audrey will remember her original self, I think that it is safe to say that she'll be the one to give Duke his trouble back as a way to end them. Or at least as a bid to make William harmless.

2. Duke will die in one of the last two episodes.

We all know that Duke is supposed to be killed by someone with a Guard tattoo, and since they've made such a big deal about it this season, I have a feeling that prediction will finally come true. Now how permanent that death ends up being is another matter.

3. Audrey will go bad or disappear again.

I don't' know that I buy William's version of the story.

Although Agent Howard wasn't exactly forthcoming, I don't get the impression that he lied to her. And at the end of season 3, when Audrey asked if she was being punished, he said no. So it leads me to believe that, for whatever reason, Audrey might have started some of the more harmless troubles. Maybe even something that the person originally had control of. And then William made everything worse, like he's currently doing. And to make amends, Audrey made a deal with Agent Howard to keep the troubles at bay by disappearing into the barn.

Audrey's trips to the barn might have been what was keeping William away from Haven, since he obviously likes causing trouble (pun intended) and the meteor storm was added incentive to push her through the door. Because with no memory of why she had to go in the barn, of course she would fight it unless it was to save the city of Haven.

4. Duke kills Audrey, which results in Nathan killing him.

I could almost see this happening. Audrey wants the troubles to end, so with the theoretical return of her powers, I could even see her giving Duke his trouble back just so he could kill her to stop him. And because Nathan doesn't think well when he's angry, which he's proven time and again, Duke would end up dead as a result.

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