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This was a great episode. It was nice to see Haven's return to form.

Everything about Duke was wonderful about this episode, but then it usually is. I'm biased because I am a huge Duke Crocker fan.

It was nice to see an episode somewhat focused on Duke that didn't revolve around his trouble.

The Duke/Jennifer moments throughout the season have been sweet and cute, in the way a new relationship normally is, but I don't buy that it's progressed to the point where Duke would threaten to kill someone if something happened to Jennifer. But the scene did a great job showing how much he does care about her. I find it ironic that of the two men, Duke is the one with the healthier relationship.

It's also hilarious that after everything that's happened in Haven, Nathan is still naive enough to think that Duke wouldn't carry a gun on him. I could almost imagine Duke's reaction as Nathan passed him the baby-sized gun...and then Duke pulled out a real gun because he's realistic about what happens in Haven even if Nathan isn't.

I cannot say how much I am loving the Nathan/Duke relationship this season. On so many other shows, something would have happened to split these two men up, and yet that hasn't happened. They address any issues that crop up head on without allowing it to fester to the point where it tears their relationship apart. Minus the little blow up Duke had during episode 4x09, their friendship has moved steadily forward.

Duke's continuous support of Nathan is always a wonderful thing to see. Nathan has an unhealthy tendency to internalize his emotions so I loved that Duke dragged Nathan out of his pity party by making him focusing his attention on the trouble they were investigating. It's also a sign that Nathan and Duke understand each other a hell of a lot better than Nathan and Audrey apparently do.

And Duke's expression when he found out that the newest trouble was going after people born on June 12, 1981 was just an amazing display of Eric Balfour's acting ability. His expression managed to convey a wide range of emotions.

Things I loved about this episode:

1. Nathan taking care of Duke. Normally, Duke is the one making sure that Nathan and/or Audrey are fine, but this episode did an amazing job of showing how much Nathan and Duke's bond has grown and strengthened over the season.

2. Dwight. I loved that the man who's supposed to be Haven's Sheriff actually got to play that part, or at least closer to it, this episode. We all know that Dwight is a very capable Sheriff, but this was the first episode that actually showed that he has the skills to solve a mystery on his own.

3. Dwight: No choice. They got some gadget that can that can help us locate the Rougarou. It measures the polarity of a...something.

That line managed to perfectly convey exactly how much no one in that room, minus the inventor, cared how the device worked, as long as it helped them achieve their objective.

Things I disliked about this episode:
1. Interrogator Nathan. Have you learned nothing from the last few months? While Jennifer is more than capable of telling Nathan to back off, he only seems to listen when Duke's the one telling him to do it. Besides, Nathan should remember that Jennifer doesn't respond well under pressure.

2. Audrey's confession to Vince. Throughout the series, Vince has proven that he'll do whatever it takes to rid Haven of the troubles, so I find it hard to believe that Audrey would endanger herself by telling him she caused the troubles.



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