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This was another lackluster episode of Haven.

With only thirteen episodes per season, you would think that every episode would have you glued to the TV screen but that hasn't been the case with this episode or the last episode.

While this episode wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be, it still had a few noteworthy moments.

Like the interaction between Nathan and Duke on the crime scene. I found that scene hilarious because it did an amazing job of emphasizing the differences between those two characters. Looking at how Duke reacts to Nathan's geekish attempt at humor shows the viewer that there is no way that those two men should be friends and yet somehow they make it work.

It was nice to see that there is still an unspoken connection between Duke and Audrey that allowed him to believe her, even though the sane thing would have been to walk away.

Things I loved about this episode:

1. Seeing the playful side of Nathan. I don't know if it's been gone all this season because of the guilt he was feeling, or if we just never really saw it before, but it was nice to see corny Nathan as he carries Audrey off to bed.

2. Duke in a wife-beater. I think that we can all agree that Haven could use more scenes like that.

3. Audrey: We gotta go. We're wasting time.
Duke: Would you just stop and listen? Do people put up with this where you're from?

I never really noticed how much Audrey expects people to follow her lead, without question, until this scene. In troubled-Haven, she's earned that level of trust with Duke and Nathan because they know about the insanity that makes up Haven.

In untroubled-Haven, that level trust isn't there, but she still expects everyone to bend to her wishes. And while the audience knows that she has the best intentions, it's unrealistic of her to expect the Havenites to immediately fall in line with her plans.

4. The banter between Audrey, Duke, and Nathan at the end of the episode.

Audrey: I'm just glad that you're still alive. Vince and Dave too of course.
Duke: I was a cop?
Audrey: Yeah a really good one.
Duke: And William shot me?
Audrey: Uh hmm. Point blank.
Duke: Yeah, I'm going to need a bigger gun.

I love how the mention of Duke's death doesn't faze him, but finding out that he was a cop does.

Duke That is because it's a cover. Yeah. Old man Jessup. He dries out his weed harvest there once a year.
*off Nathan's look*
It's not my job to arrest him.

That little interaction shows how far the boys have come. Last season, Nathan would have been more distrusting of the information Duke provided. This season, it only rates a raised eyebrow.

Nathan: Nice work Detective Crocker.
Duke: That hurts me.
Audrey: Okay. Come on guys, let's go.
Nathan and Duke: Shotgun.

Oh boys. Does Audrey really have to wrangle you like a couple of four year-olds?

Things I disliked about this episode:

1. Audrey not telling Nathan or Duke the truth.

Seriously!! Again with the secrecy. Like that never turns out badly.

2. Nathan shooting William.

Seriously Nathan! Haven you learned nothing. Pissed off Nathan doesn't make the best decisions, and while I commend the fact that he was trying to do the right thing, Nathan should have remembered what happened the last time he assumed a shoot first, ask questions later mentality.
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